List your hostel

Guatemala Hostels provides a free listing service for hostels, hotels and lodges throughout Guatemala. The listing process generally takes one to two days and results in a searchable listing with a variety of professional photographs, write-ups and categorical information regarding your property. Listings generally include:

  • A general write-up that describes your property's unique appeal.
  • Pictures of your property's common areas and surrounding views, landscapes or attractions.
  • Pictures of each type of accommodation offered by your property.
  • Detailed pricing information by room, including longterm discounts.
  • Information about your property's surrounding areas or area attractions.
  • Your property's contact information, including a website if applicable.
  • An accurate Google Map link, using GPS information, to help visitors find your property.

Property listings on the Guatemala Hostels website are easily searchable by location, price or amenity on our Hostel Search page. Users can also search for specific rooms using our Room Search, allowing them to quickly compare dorms, private rooms, luxury suites and more by location, price or amenity.

To list your property on Guatemala Hostels, please contact us. We will add your property to a waiting list and will visit you when we have a staff member in your area. We request that you provide one night's free private accommodation to help us mitigate our travel and professional expenses.

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