Alquimia Center for the Healing Arts

published jun 15th, 2015

Eric Toupin, blogger & web developer

Alquimia center for the Healing Arts is an interesting project along the southern shores of the beautiful Río Dulce. It’s from within this spacious and jungled property that Elisa Fusi teaches monthlong courses centered around Mayan medicine, curative and therapeutic plants, herbal remedies and intentional diets that support a healthy, present and aware lifestyle.

Alquimia Center for the Healing Arts, riverfront propert

Alquimia is situated along the Río Dulce, near Livingston

Elisa takes on interns for monthlong or several month courses, and arranges consultations and retreats centered around health, discovery and personal transformation. She aims for loose, adaptable methodologies, and says she helps students and guests explore the unique self-discovery options that may be best for them.

Alquimia Center for the Healing Arts, bottles and bowls

Tinctures, mixtures and drying herbs lay in collections throughout Alquimia.

In addition to longterm internships and specific, prearranged retreats, Alquimia features a holistic bar that offers all sorts of health minded refreshments for guests. A wide variety of therapies such as massage, skin treatments, cacao ceremonies and others are also available.

Alquimia Center for the Healing Arts, view point

The highest point of the Alquimia property affords a beautiful view of the Río Dulce

Alquimia is well worth a visit, regardless of your interest in natural or alternative healing. The property itself is a relaxing, comfortable place to spend a few hours, and the gardens are full of edible and medicinal plants. Visitors can enjoy healthy teas, smoothies or snacks while learning more about what the project has to offer and enjoying stunning views of the area. Fermented drinks like ginger beer and kombucha can also be enjoyed when available.

If you happen to be staying at the Round House, Alquimia can be reached via a ten minute kayak. Otherwise, you can get in touch to arrange transportation from Río Dulce or Livingston.

To learn more about Alquimia’s specific offerings, visit the Alquimia center for Healing Arts website.

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