Anna Sondergaard

Anna Sondergaard

I believe that knowledge and education go further than long hours into the night, cramming for big exams; that experience and wisdom are more than a reference on a résumé. For this reason, every so often I pack my bags and leave the security of my home for several months at a time.

Through photography, art, film, writing, music, conversation and action, I hope to inspire people around me to appreciate, understand and embrace the world with the same respect, kindness and awe that I have found.

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Anna Sondergaard
Eric Toupin, blogger & web developer
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Matt Wicks, traveler, writer, photographer
Anna Sondergaard, Antigua, Guatemala: Tortillas

Antigua, Guatemala: a brief journey in seven photos. People, foodstuffs & volcan de agua. Photographed in the Spring of 2014.

Spanish and Mayan accents. Another side of Central America.

Anna Sondergaard, Lago Atitlán: Arrivals.

Lago Atitlan: a photo-essay in sixteen photographs. People, landscapes, the lake. Photographed in the spring of 2014.

An atmosphere moves across the lake at dawn and the melting peace and spirituality of this lake spreads through all the individuals that spend a moment of their time here.