Comedor Rosita, San Pedro La Laguna

published mar 2nd, 2015

Aaron Owlex

Walk down the road across from the central church in San Pedro and on your left you’ll find a yellow building with a dusty concrete ramp leading up into the dark interior. While it may not be much to look at, Comedor Rosita is a local favorite for traditional Guatemalan meals at reasonable prices.

Comedor Rosita

Comedor Rosita

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  • Guatemalan Food
  • Price Range: 20-35Q
  • Vegetarian Options: No
  • Vegan Options: No
  • Gluten-Free Options: Yes
  • Everyday, 7am-5pm

The downstairs area doubles as a loading bay and is taken up mostly by the large kitchen, with a handful of plastic tables and chairs scattered around. Go up the stairs and you’ll be greeted by a much larger, more welcoming dining area, with a modest view and a TV for public use.

Don’t be fooled by its quiet ambiance though – even though you may be the only person seated, many locals order their food ahead for pick-up. It’s not unusual to wait half an hour or more while a plethora of Guatemalans walk in and out picking up their lunches. Avoid the mid-day rush and get your meal in the afternoon for best results.

Comedor Rosita pescado

The menu is drawn up on a white board every morning depending on what’s available and fresh. While it can change from day to day, you can expect to see the usual suspects of “Pollo a la Plancha” (grilled chicken) or “Pescado Frito” (fried fish), among other meat-based platters. To add to the adventure, the prices sometimes change as well – one day the Pescado Frito may be 35Q, and the next it may cost 30Q and come with a homemade strawberry smoothie. On one occasion a “Carne a la Plancha” -- a nicely grilled, thick cut steak -- only cost 20Q.

Comedor Rosita pollo

The Milanesa de Pollo (breaded chicken cutlet, 30Q) is a popular dish, quite similar to a chicken schnitzel, covered in a rich tomato-based sauce. The Pescado Frito is another specialty, featuring a chunky whitefish fresh from the lake. If you’re not very skilled at deboning a fish, no need to despair – it’s usually so well deep-fried that the bones (and everything else) are completely edible.

Each plate comes with a generous portion of rice, a quarter of an avocado, a handful of fries, a simple green salad, and a stack of tortillas. As with many eateries in Guatemala, tortillas are treated as a free-flowing side dish so don’t be afraid to ask for more, and don’t feel bad about leaving some behind – they’ll go to the next customer. A fridge on the bottom floor is stocked with the usual soft drinks and beer selections, but on occasion the staff may also offer you fresh juice with your meal.

The restaurant opens every day at 7 am, and serves a breakfast in the form of “Desayuno Tipico” (typical breakfast), a large Guatemalan platter with eggs, avocado, fried plantains, beans and bread. They switch over to the lunchtime specials at around 11, and shut their doors at 5 pm.

Comedor Rosita is a great choice on those days you’ve been wandering around the non-tourist parts of town and are looking for a healthy local meal at an affordable price.

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