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Drapeto Maniac

From the little I’ve been exposed to, I know that I know not. "We work full-time creating heaven on earth knowing earth is just the way it’s supposed to be."

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Triking Lake Atitlán

Walking down Santander, one of the busiest streets in Panajachel, you’ll find really nice restaurants, great cafés, plenty of street vendors selling a multitude of artisan wares, and if you’re lucky, a gringo riding a big-wheel tricycle right in front of his tattoo studio, Deep Ink. Benjamin has been building and riding tricycles around Lake Atitlán for the better part of four years. You won’t see him simply cruising the streets of Panajachel. Benjamin is looking for two things: altitude and speed.

A cheese plate at El Artisano, San Juan del Lago

Health food stores, vegetarian hot spots, carne-wonderlands; a little of each and what you end up with is El Artisano. Nestled in the small town of San Juan del Lago, trekking up the plenty-steep street will help work up an appetite as you pass many small cafés, fabric shops, and dogs.

The walk will be pleasant, with plenty of vibrant colors from the chickens to the buildings. Don’t fret stopping for a small café to keep one’s energy and focus. Taking a break from your journey somewhere is not frowned upon. It’s encouragement to engage with the city. Word to the wise: make sure not to get stuck!