Fuentes Georginas Cabañas

published jul 18th, 2015

Eric Toupin, blogger & web developer

Fuentes Georginas is a natural hot spring in the beautiful mountains of Zunil near Xela, Quetzaltenango. The hot springs are definitely worth a visit. If you’re spending more than a day in Xela, the springs should probably make your short list of things to do. I’ve already written up pretty detailed instructions on getting to Las Fuentes Georginas in Zunil. So why am I revisiting the subject?

Las Fuentes Georginas in Zunil, Quetzaltenango

Las Fuentes Georginas in Zunil, Quetzaltenango

Visiting Fuentes Georginas is cool. Staying there is cooler.

Cabañas at Fuentes Georginas
The cabañas (cabins) at Fuentes Georginas are rustic but spacious. They include a large bedroom with two big beds and a fireplace, and a separate entry room with a personal hot tub fed by the natural hot springs. There’s a private bathroom, too, and a shower. On a side note, I’ve no idea who would use the freezing cold shower when there’s a natural hot spring piped right into your cabin.

Cabins at las Fuentes Georginas

Cabins at las Fuentes Georginas

It’s super cold (for Guatemala) in the mountains of Zunil, which make the fireplace and hot tub all the more appreciated. Cold water can be run into your cabin’s tub, too, which is important seeing as the hot spring is dangerously hot undiluted.

The cabins run Q160 (~$21.35) per person, per night. There’s an onsite tienda and a restaurant and bar that serves three meals daily. Food at the restaurant is surprisingly good (typical fare) and reasonably priced - meals start around Q30. You’ll probably want to bring your own booze. Beer is Q20 ($2.65) a bottle, and a bottle of wine will run you Q125 - Q150 ($16 - $20).

Hot springs, hot springs, hot springs
There are five hot spring fed pools at the facility. Three are at the main establishment, one near the parking lot, and the other at the end of a path further below. One of the perks of staying the night at Fuentes Georginas is lounging in the super-hot pools at night, with hardly a soul around.

Lower pool at las Fuentes Georginas

Lower pool at las Fuentes Georginas

The pools are super mineral rich and sport a strangely lime-like sour taste. They’re very skin softening, and many visitors claim that drinking the water can cure all sorts of unnamed general ails. I’ve no idea how to qualify the truth of that, but can at least say I’ve drank about a liter and a half of it over a few months and am still alive and kicking.

If you choose to drink the water, collect it from the source and not from the pools. That goes without saying, I hope.

Hiking near Las Fuentes Georginas
If you’re planning on staying at the Fuentes Georginas for a night or two, you’ll probably (although not certainly) want to do more than just cook in the hot springs all day. There are really beautiful hiking trails that lead directly from Fuentes Georginas up into the mountains of Zunil.

Hiking trails at las Fuentes Georginas

Hiking trails at las Fuentes Georginas

One path heads out to a mirador (viewpoint) while another leads along a ridge line about 8 km to Volcán Pecúla. The path to the mirador is steep, but well cleared. The path along the ridge was pretty overgrown when I was there, and obstructed by a felled tree and some jungle. It’s passable, but not exactly a casual walk.

The Zunil mountains are pretty foggy. You’re not very likely to stumble across breathtaking views due to poor visibility (they're there; they're hiding), but the trail itself and the wild flowers are worth the walk.

You can call Fuentes Georginas in Zunil to make reservations: (502) 5704 2959

For instructions on actually getting there, check out my previous writeup getting to Las Fuentes Georginas in Zunil.

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