Harri Pickering

Harri Pickering

Harri Pickering has lived in Mexico and Guatemala. He's currently engaged in longterm travel throughout Central America.

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View of fuego from acatenango

One of the most striking geographical features in Guatemala is the chain of volcanoes that go all the way from Mexico to El Salvador, forming the geographical backbone of the country. At 3,976m, Acatenango is the 3rd highest of these, and being conveniently situated near to Antigua, makes it a very possible little adventure.

If you book a tour in Antigua, it will cost you about $70, but this guide will explain how to do it practically for free. It's possible to do the hike in a day, but camping overnight is recommended, as at the time of writing (June 2015) Acatenango's twin volcano Fuego was continuously erupting, making for pretty spectacular fireworks (you cannot see the lava during the day, but at night it glows a strong red).