Los Siete Altares

published apr 30th, 2015

Eric Toupin, blogger & web developer

Livingston is hot, to say the least. Consistent, seasonal rains are restricted to May, June and a couple of weeks in December. Temperatures range between the 80’s (27° C) and low 100’s (37° C). If you’re in Livingston for more than a couple hours, chances are you’re going to want to swim.

Las Siete Altares, Livingston, Guatemala

The highest basin is very deep and perpetually filled with fresh, cold water.

Los Siete Altares

Los Siete Altares (the seven alters) are a series of small waterfalls about a thirty minute walk beyond the river Quehueche to the west of Livingston. The waterfalls and surrounding freshwater basins are encircled by a small park, open daily, with an entry fee of Q20. The park’s entrance features a small lounge that serves soft-drinks, beer and meals.

The thick, jungled shade and cool river water around Los Siete Altares are an excellent respite from the Livingston heat and a refreshing way to spend a few hours. The deepest basin near the top of the short hike is a solid twelve to twenty feet deep depending on the season — easily deep enough for swimming and jumping off of nearby stone ledges.

Getting there

You can walk the entire way to Los Siete Altares along the main Livingston beach headed west. It’s a long walk (an hour and a half), however, and in the heat taking a taxi most of the way is well worth the cost. A taxi from the main dock in Livingston can take you as far as the bridge over the Quehueche river. From there the walk is only about a half hour.

Quehueche bridge, Livingston, Guatemala

The Quehueche bridge, just east of Hotel Salvador Gaviota

You can tell the taxi you’re heading to Los Siete Altares or to Salvador Gaviota, a hotel just across the bridge from the farthest point you can get via taxi. The fare should cost about Q30 for two people, slightly more for more passengers. Once you’re dropped off, just cross the bridge and continue down the beach for about a half-hour until you see signs for the park and a path leading up and to the left.

On the return trip you can stop at Salvador Gaviota (last hotel before the bridge) to call a taxi — you’ll want to do this before nightfall.

The total cost for the trip should be about Q60 for the taxi (both ways) plus Q20 per person for the entrance fee.

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