Parque Central, Xela, to Las Fuentes Georginas

published nov 12th, 2014

Eric Toupin, blogger & web developer

Las Fuentes Georginas are natural hot springs located in the mountains near Zunil, Quetzaltenango. A cozy resort has been built around the hot springs which includes several pools of varying heat, changing rooms, overnight cabins, and a restaurant and bar.

Visit Las Fuentes Georginas from Xela’s Central Park

The cost of visiting Las Fuentes Georginas depends on how many people go. Most tourism agencies can arrange a trip for Q115 or so per person. The trip described below costs around Q80 using public transit, assuming a group of at least seven. One of the transportation costs below (a truck up into the mountains) is a shared cost for the whole group.

Bus from Xela to Zunil

At the Shell station, board the bus from Xela to Zunil

1. (~5 min) From Parque Central, walk south along 12 Avenida (towards the despensa) until you reach the Puma gas station.

2. (~2 min) Turn left after the Puma station on 10a Calle and walk a few blocks to the Shell station.

3. (5Q ~30 min) Board the Xela / Zunil bus which passes the station every fifteen minutes or so. Tell the driver or ayudante (driver’s assistant) you’re going to Las Fuentes Georginas to make sure the bus stops at the right place. Chances are it will anyway; almost everyone will be getting off at the same stop at the base of town.

Bridge in Zunil

The bus should stop at or around this bridge. Here's where you'll find a truck into the mountains.

4. (70Q ~25 min) Walk over to the bridge and find a transportation truck — they all have metal cages mounted over their truck beds. Ask for a ride to Las Fuentes Georginas, which should cost you around 70Q. Note: 70Q covers the whole trip, regardless of passengers. You can easily fit eight or more people in the truck, so you could be paying less than 10Q for this part of the trip if you bring plenty of friends.

Truck in Zunil

Trucks for hire generally have metal cages installed in their beds.

5. (50Q ~2 min) Arrive at the hot springs. Pay the entrance fee, climb a bunch of stairs and relax in some steaming hot water.

Las Fuentes Georginas

One of the hot springs at Las Fuentes Georginas, directly adjacent to the restaurant and bar.

IMPORTANT: There is no transportation from Las Fuentes Georginas back into town. You’ll need to speak with the truck driver that brought you up and arrange a pickup ride in a couple of hours. It’s a good idea to get a phone number. Some tourism agencies frequent the hot springs, so you may be able to get a ride into town when one is leaving. From town, you'll take the same Xela / Zunil bus back into Xela.

Travel time is ~1 hr 5 min, and cost both ways is 80Q - 120Q depending on the size of your group. The more people you bring, the cheaper your travel costs. Also, you probably won't need to spend more than a couple hours at the springs unless you're staying there overnight.

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