Walking tour in Livingston, Izabal

published jun 15th, 2015

Eric Toupin, blogger & web developer

I took a walking tour in Livingston, Izabal with a local artisan named Peachy. It cost me Q70 ($9.30), lasted a couple of hours and followed a haphazard crisscrossing pattern that covered plenty of ground. I went alone - better prices are available for groups. (Don't feel like reading? Skip to the slideshow.)

Homes and trees in Livingston, Guatemala

Homes in Livingston (off the main road) are tucked between trees and lustrous green space.

Livingston is an interesting town. A large portion of its population is Garifuna, a people of African origin who arrived in the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent in the late 17th century, and were subsequently relocated to the Caribbean coast of Central America in the late 18th century. Livingston’s population was most recently recorded as somewhere around 11,000, although my guide Peachy said it’s closer to 30,000 including the outlying communities away from the town’s small, dense collection of concrete roads. You’d never guess at the population - many neighborhoods are obscured between close packed trees and shrubbery. There’s actually quite a bit of ‘green space’ once you step away from Livingston’s calle principal.

San Marcos Sanchez Diez in Livingston, Guatemala

San Marcos Sanchez Diez delivered the Garifuna to the Caribbean coast of Central America

The town is only accessible by boat, although even cars and trucks can reach it via ferry. It serves as a port of entry for many travelers arriving from Belize, and as such hosts a fully authorized and equipped immigration office. (Speaking of which - need to renew your Guatemalan visa? Check out the easy way in Livingston.) Colectivo water taxis leave Livingston’s main port for Belize and Río Dulce on a regular schedule.

The walking tour through and around Livingston is pretty cool, and Peachy’s glad to adapt the walk to what you’re most interested in. I visited a few beaches, lots of neighborhoods, the church, cemetery, library and cultural center, as well as the Quehueche river. You can also kayak up the jungled Quehueche, although I didn’t include it in my trip.

Peachy, a walking tour guide in Livingston, Guatemala

Walking tour guide and handcraft artisan Peachy

To arrange a tour of your own, stop by Casa Nostra to find a guide. They’ll put you in touch with Peachy or a different guide depending on what you’re looking for.

Homes are surrounded by trees and brush in Livingston, Guatemala
More homes packed between trees in Livingston, Guatemala
More green space in Livingston, Guatemala
A bird roosts on a dry branch in Livingston, Guatemala
Candles in the church in Livingston, Guatemala
Christ crucified, Mary in the background in Livingston, Guatemala
St. Mary in the Church in Livingston, Guatemala
Kids play at the beach  in Livingston, Guatemala
San Marcos Sanchez Diez
The locals' beach in Livingston, Guatemala
A flower near the cultural center in Livingston, Guatemala
An interesting "double flower" in Livingston, Guatemala
A flower prepared to bloom in Livingston, Guatemala
Graves bearing perennial plastics in Livingston, Guatemala
Buildings and a main street in Livingston, Guatemala
Half motorcycle, half pickup in Livingston, Guatemala
The river quehueche in Livingston, Guatemala
My tour guide Peachy in Livingston, Guatemala

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Area Lodging

African Place, Livingston, entrance

African Place Hotel is perhaps the most unique hotel in Livingston and the surrounding region. From Q 35.00.

Casa Nostra, Livingston, building and seating

Casa Nostra is a pizzeria, vegetarian and seafood restaurant and boutique guesthouse located in Livingston, Izabal. From Q 150.00.

El Viajero, Livingston, Izabal, hotel front

El Viajero is a fifteen room hotel in Livingston, Izabal, with a capacity of about forty people. From Q 30.00.

Salvador Gaviota, Livingston, Izabal, bungalow

Salvador Gaviota is an oceanside hotel and restaurant in Livingston, Izabal that offers private rooms and bungalows. From Q 80.00.

Hotel El Delfin, swimming pool and river

Hotel El Delfin is a large, well established hotel in Livingston, Izabal. From Q 480.00.

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