Lanquín, Alta Verapaz

El Portal is a locally owned and operated hostel, restaurant and travel agency in Lanquín, Alta Verapaz. Their sprawling riverside property boasts well maintained wooden cabins, dorms and private rooms with views of a fast moving section of the emerald green Río Cahabón.

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The hostel is just a five minute walk outside of the Semuc Champey park, making it the closest lodging available to the park’s entrance. It’s also right next to Lanquín’s “jumping bridge” where visitors can jump ~35 feet off the bridge into fast moving water.


El Portal is owned and staffed by local Guatemalans. They offer tours of the surrounding areas and mainstay Lanquín attractions, as well as three meals daily and a bar that’s open until around 11:00 PM every night. Vegetarian plates are available for all three meals.

The dorms and private rooms at El Portal are some of the best economy accommodations in the Lanquín area. River access is ample, although the water moves too quickly for some swimmers. Discounts for groups and travel agencies are available.

Internet access is very limited. Shuttles in Lanquín can take guests with reservations to the hostel throughout the day. It’s about a 35 minute drive and very rough. Optionally, public transit (colevtivo pickups) go between Lanquín and Semuc Champey for between Q10 and Q20.

To make reservations, call or arrive in Lanquín. Alternatively, visit the El Portal website.

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