Lanquín, Alta Verapaz

El Retiro Lodge is a hostel, restaurant and bar located in the town of Lanquín. In contrast to many other hostels in the area, El Retiro is located in town proper and can be reached without a shuttle or private transit service.

Outdoor areas
Air conditioning
Travel assistance

The hostel is next to the Lanquín River, fed by the larger Río Cahabón. Swimming, sunbathing and lounging are available a stone’s throw from the hostel’s dorms and restaurant.


El Retiro Lodge offers dorms, cabins, private rooms and suites with optional air conditioning. Their restaurant serves three meals daily (two of which are communal meals) and refreshments all day long. Tours leave daily for the nearby Semuc Champey park (about a thirty minute drive) and other nearby attractions.

The hostel also offers a full service travel agency with connections to Flores, Tikal, Río Dulce, Antigua, Atitlán and more. An internet café is available at a reasonable cost, although the internet connection in Lanquín is generally poor.

To make reservations, call or email. More information can be found on the El Retiro Lodge website. Walk-ins are fine, although space cannot be guaranteed.

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