Lanquín, Alta Verapaz

Hostal Oasis the Traveler is a locally owned and staffed hostel in Lanquín, just a thirty minute drive from the Semuc Champey national park. They offer standalone rooms with private or shared bathrooms and showers, a restaurant, and a variety of daily area tours.

Outdoor areas
Travel assistance
Laundry service

The hostel is located along the Río Cahabòn. It features a swimming area as well as a variety of shaded riverside seating.


Hostal Oasis is located in the town of Lanquín, unlike many of the other area hostels which are located further from town on more secluded properties. The hostel can be reached on foot from Lanquín in a couple of minutes, meaning visitors won’t need to find shuttles in town in order to reach their destination.

An onsite restaurant serves three meals daily. Beer and cocktails are served until around eleven in the evening. Tours to area attractions run daily, and transportation can be arranged to destinations throughout Guatemala.

To make reservations call or email. Walk-ins are welcome but space cannot be guaranteed.

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