Lanquín, Alta Verapaz

Hotel Rabin Itzam is a centrally located economy hotel in Lanquín’s town center. They offer clean private rooms with shared or private bathrooms, plenty of lounging space, and one of the best views of the Lanquín area available.

Outdoor areas
Free Wifi
Reliable hot water
Laundry service
Travel assistance

The hotel serves three meals daily in an attached cafeteria. The food is traditional, well priced and served with stove-top prepared coffee (from ground coffee beans).


Hotel Rabin Itzam is in the heart of Lanquín, along the main street where many shuttles drop and board passengers. It’s a three story building with a top floor that affords wide, open views of Lanquín’s beautiful landscape. The hotel offers a Q6 per pound laundry service, free Wi-Fi from 6pm to 10pm (Lanquín’s internet is famously troublesome), and a shuttle service to most major Guatemalan destinations.

The hotel is fairly well trafficked (mostly by nationals) but generally has vacancies. Rooms may not be available during major holidays or events. While there is some traffic noise owing to the hotel’s location, the ambiance is generally quiet and relaxing with no bar or nighttime scene.

Hotel Rabin Itzam generally offers singles and doubles, but family rooms can be arranged. Discounts are available for groups.

To make reservations at Hotel Rabin Itzam, call or arrive. If there’s no answer at the primary phone number above, try these alternates: (502) 5710-5062 / (502) 5710-4977.

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