Lanquín, Alta Verapaz

Utopia Eco Lodge is a beautiful hostel, vegetarian restaurant and bar on the shore of the Río Cahabón, about a thirty-five minute drive from Lanquín in Alta Verapaz. They offer dormitory beds, hammocks, private rooms and riverside cabins.

Outdoor areas
Travel assistance
Reliable hot water
Free drinking water

The hostel is about a fifteen or twenty minute drive (or forty-five minute hike) from the famous Semuc Champey park. Tours leave Utopia daily for the park, nearby caves and other destinations.


Utopia Eco Lodge boasts plenty of space for relaxing and riverside lounging, and they cultivate a fun social atmosphere via community dinners and occasional live music. The location is beautiful and remote. Guests can enjoy relaxing accommodations, swimming or tubing in the river, and a variety of other activities at the nearby Semuc Champey park and caves.

Internet access in and around the Lanquín area is very limited. Camping space and parking are available. Shuttles can transport guests with reservations from Lanquín to the Utopia Eco Lodge for free.

To make reservations, call or email. Visit the Utopia Eco Lodge website for more information.

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