Lanquín, Alta Verapaz

Viña del Chef is a hotel, restaurant and travel agency in Lanquín along the road to Semuc Champey. It’s located at the base of Cerro de San Augustín, one of the several rolling green mountains in the area.

Outdoor areas
Game room
Travel assistance
Free Wifi
Laundry service
Reliable hot water

The hotel serves three meals daily and offers guests and visitors a pool, ping-pong table and foosball table.


Viña del Chef is locally owned and operated. Their accommodations range from group rooms (dormitory style) through private rooms with air conditioning, gas heated hot water, television and a view. Their restaurant serves typical fare as well as snacks and some simple western fare. The hotel is located on the outskirts of town. Guests can enjoy easy access to Lanquín without having to cope with the early morning traffic noises of more centrally located hotels.

The hotel operates a small transportation company as well, and can arrange private trips or transit throughout the country and beyond. Ask about local tours and transportation for more information.

To make reservations at Viña del Chef, call or email. If you’re unable to reach them at their primary number, try this alternate: (502) 4800-0061.

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