Guatemala City, Guatemala

La Coperacha hostel offers a quiet, relaxing ambience in Guatemala City’s Zone 2. It’s situated inside of a converted early 20th century mansion that’s nestled snuggly into the surrounding buildings with only a large, dignified wooden door connecting it to the outside street.

Free breakfast
Free Wifi
Outdoor areas
Open kitchen
Guest computer

La Coperacha hostel is close to several bars and restaurants (including some with vegetarian options) as well as a few parks and two supermarkets. A major transportation terminal with regular schedules to Rio Dulce and Peten is nearby.


La Coperacha hostel was established in 2012. The compound boasts an historic architectural style with beautiful wooden ceilings and open face brickwork throughout many of the rooms. Dormitories, private rooms and private suites are available. The suites are well furnished and very comfortable, with plenty of sunlight and privacy.

Both the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura and the Mapa en Relieve are within walking distance from La Coperacha. Zone 2 is a fairly quiet, low-key area. While parks, museums, restaurants and bars are easily accessible, the architecture, commerce and infrastructure are less modern than that of say, Zone 10.

The staff at La Coperacha hostel are friendly and capable. Whether their guests are looking to outline their trips into other regions of Guatemala, nail down specific transportation details, or just relax and enjoy a quiet stay, they’re happy to help.

Email or call for reservations.

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