Guatemala City, Guatemala

Patricia’s is quiet, clean and very well maintained. They are located just a few minutes from the airport, and can easily drop off or pick up guests via their free airport shuttle. While this hostel is fairly small and simple, their staff is exceedingly friendly and their prices are very competitive for the area.

Free breakfast
Free airport shuttle
Free Wifi
Laundry service
Guest computer

Patricia’s is a family business and has been operating since 2001 from within a private, secure neighborhood in Guatemala City’s Zone 13. Its quiet, relaxing ambience, proximity to the airport and casual yet comfortable atmosphere make it an excellent place to begin or end a trip to Guatemala.


Accommodations at Patricia’s are more or less the same throughout. The hostel consists of several bedrooms with one, two or three beds sharing a full bathroom with one or two other rooms. All guests are charged the same price excepting groups or families of three or more, who are slightly discounted. Single guests are placed in single rooms, while larger groups are placed together in one or more larger rooms. Breakfast and airport transportation is included in the listed price.

Patricia’s is very close to Zone 13’s family of museums including the Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología, Museo de Arte Moderno and the Aurora Zoo, among others. Their taxi / van service can help guests to reach local attractions, as well as to coordinate with larger transportation services with routes to Antigua, Petén, Panajachel and elsewhere.

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