Guatemala City, Guatemala

Theatre International is a lively youth hostel located in the heart of the city. It’s just a minute’s walk from sixth avenue, a popular downtown destination closed to vehicular traffic and lined with shops, restaurants, bars and the like.

Laundry service
Free Wifi
Outdoor areas
Free breakfast

A vibrant, active ambience permeates Theatre International. There’s music playing throughout much of the day and plenty of travelers making plans, playing cards or just lounging in the courtyard. Guests have plenty of options to stay busy between walking tours of the city, onsite cooking classes and even a resident tattoo parlor.


Theatre International offers private rooms and dormitory beds. All bathrooms and showers are shared. There are several comfortable couches, hammocks and other furniture miscellany surrounding a central, outdoor courtyard that’s mostly shaded throughout the day. The comfortable common areas and onsite beer encourage lazy days and late night socializing. Signs request that the music be turned off by 11:00 PM.

The staff at Theatre International are friendly and easygoing. They’re happy to help finalize transportation arrangements, make recommendations, and otherwise assist their guests with travel needs. Free breakfast, free wifi and free laundry help make Theatre International a solid choice for those seeking a more lively environment.

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