Livingston, Izabal

African Place Hotel is perhaps the most unique hotel in Livingston and the surrounding region. It has been serving tourists in the area for more than a decade and has become somewhat of an icon with its bright paint and foreign, brusque architecture.

Outdoor areas
Free Wifi
Travel assistance
Open kitchen
Longterm rates

The hotel boasts one of the only open kitchens in Livingston, and can accommodate nearly seventy guests in total — although it’s rarely anywhere near capacity.


African Place Hotel offers private rooms with shared or private bathrooms in several castle like buildings strewn across a densely gardened, large property. Longterm rates are available (Q900 monthly with private bathroom, Q700 monthly with shared) which means the hotel often hosts a collection of longterm travelers, volunteer workers and the like.

Hotel guests enjoy free wifi, plenty of shaded lounging space and basic, hand wash laundry facilities (a pila and clotheslines). Hotel staff can help visitors reserve tours or transportation with local agencies.

Optional kitchen use costs Q10 daily to cover gas prices.

Walk-in or call for more information, or to make reservations. Discounts available for groups.

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