Livingston, Izabal

Casa de la Iguana is a popular backpacking hostel in Livingston, Izabal. They offer affordable dormitory beds, private rooms and bungalows as well as a well trafficked bar and lounge with a good ambiance.

Travel assistance
Outdoor areas
Free Wifi

The hostel serves breakfast and an (optional) communal dinner, as well as beer and cocktails throughout the day and well into the night.


Casa de la Iguana is built on a cozy property tucked in the shade of various palms and other trees. Their bungalows, dorms and rooms are constructed in the traditional style with wooden planks and thatched roofs atop stilted concrete foundations. Plenty of hammocks and other seating provide ample lounging space around each of the buildings as well as in the main reception area and bar.

The hostel is a fairly established part of Livingston travel. They offer a solid social scene as well as tourism information, reasonably priced dorms, and decent accessibility (~15 minute walk) to the more developed parts of town.

To make reservations at Casa de la Iguana, call or email.

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