Livingston, Izabal

Round House is a full service hostel, restaurant and bar tucked along the cool shaded shore of tropical Río Dulce. It boasts plenty of swimming and relaxing in the sun as well as breezy, covered lounging on two levels.

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The hostel offers spacious dormitories and cozy private rooms in a large, beautifully constructed round wooden bungalow with smaller attached buildings. Round House maintains a focus on eco and community friendly practices. Their electricity is provided by solar energy.


Round House is accessible from the city of Río Dulce or Livingstone by shared public transit via boat (lancha colectiva). There are a variety of area activities such as kayaking, swimming, visiting the local hot springs or even climbing the rock faces that jut out of the Río Dulce. The hostel restaurant provides meals three times daily with the evening meal shared by all. Plenty of vegetarian options are available.

Round House is an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable, relaxing stay far away from the bustle of both Río Dulce and Livingstone. Swimming, breezy shade, a variety of hammocks, comfortable lounging space and a lively, sociable bar during the evenings add to the hostel’s charm.

Visit the Round House website for more information about area attractions, or to learn more about getting to the hostel. To make reservations, call or email.

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