Río Dulce, Izabal

Casa Perico is a quiet, secluded hostel and restaurant located in the riverside jungle of Rio Dulce. It can be reached from downtown Rio Dulce by boat in about fifteen minutes, but isn’t directly accessible by land. The restaurant serves three meals daily as well as beer and cocktails, and the hostel offers dormitory, private and group accommodations.

Outdoor areas
Reliable hot water
Laundry service
Travel assistance

The property is situated on raised platforms and walkways that connect a series of buildings and bungalows. Jungle encroaches from every side complete with lush, green flora and the occasional exotic birdcall.


Casa Perico is quiet and isolated. While no other businesses or establishments can be reached easily from the hostel, the onsite restaurant as well as a complement of kayaks and canoes ensure guests have some options during their stay. A nearby swimming area and sunning platform can be reached by kayak. Transportation into town via water-taxi can be had for a moderate Q25. Check-in and check-out transportation are free.

While private bathrooms and showers are available with some rooms, the majority of accommodations share general facilities. Rooms are situated in breezy, thatched huts with open or screen windows. Mosquito nets are provided for occasionally buggy nights. An onsite laundry service is also available.

To make reservations call, email or visit the Casa Perico website. Once in Rio Dulce, you’ll need to call Casa Perico to arrange transport. If you don’t have a phone you can call from Bruno’s or Sun Dog Cafe, both of which are just two minute’s walk from Rio Dulce’s major bus terminals. Casa Perico may also be reached at their alternative phone number, (502) 5909-0721.

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