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Casa Nativos is located in the heart of Xela, inside the Pasaje Enriquez building directly adjacent to the central park. The hostel offers dorms, private rooms and longterm apartments as well as a restaurant, bar and café — half of which is outdoors on a second-story terrace.

Outdoor areas
Reliable hot water
Free Wifi
Longterm rates
Travel assistance

This is the most centrally located hostel in Xela. It shares a building with popular bars and restaurants as well as a Spanish school and a tour and travel agency.


The restaurant, bar and café are closed on Mondays. They are open during regular business hours for most of the week, open late Thursdays and Fridays, and only for a half-day on Sundays. Hostel reception is open during regular business hours each day. The hostel occasionally hosts live music events. Check with the staff for upcoming performances.

Casa Nativos is in a loud and active part of town, with nearby bars and venues open late into the night. The hostel’s prices, ambiance and central location make a great option for those interested in night-life or the ‘heart of the city’ feel of the building.

Longterm rates are available for basic rooms as well as fully furnished multiple room apartments. Rates range from Q1,200 to Q2,100 monthly.

To make reservations, call or email. Telephone calls are preferred, staff is bi-lingual. Walk-ins are welcome but space cannot be guaranteed.

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