Acul, Quiché

Hacienda Mil Amores is a dairy farm and restaurant in the isolated aldea of Acul. They offer private cabins for overnight accommodations, wine, cheese and three meals daily — all in mountainous, tranquil surroundings. WiFi is available in the central dining and lounge area.

Outdoor areas
Free Wifi
Reliable hot water

Each of the four cabins available through Hacienda Mil Amores can sleep one to five guests. They include basic furnishings as well as private bathrooms with high pressure hot water. Two of the four cabins also include a wood burning fireplace.


Hacienda Mil Amores is situated in the cool, mountainous region of southern Quiché. The nearby city of Nebaj offers a variety of restaurants, shops and bars as well as a thriving textile industry. The region is well known for its quality hand woven goods.

The hacienda is located on the road that connects Nebaj to the aldea of Acul. It can be reached via microbus from Nebaj in about twenty minutes for Q5. Acul itself offers only the most basic local infrastructure. It is well known for its hiking trails and agriculture, and is valued by travelers for its quiet, isolated location.

Call Hacienda Mil Amores to make reservations. Walk-ins are welcome, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

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