Acul, Quiché

Hostal Dońa Magdalena is a simple, serviceable hostel & comedor in Acul run by a friendly and hospitable family. They offer traditional meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as basic accommodations for individuals, couples and groups.

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The hostel is located in the Aldea Acul, a short walk from the central area where most micro-buses and tuc-tucs terminate their routes. A small sign marks the path that leads to the hostel’s entrance.


Hostal Doña Magdalena is frequented by locals (mostly for the comedor), national business persons passing through the area, and groups of travelers or hikers either visiting Acul’s handful of farms or hiking trails that connect surrounding villages.

Acul is a very small, peaceful mountain town surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and sprawling green pastures. Two area farms offer freshly produced cow and goat milk by the pound, as well as wines, meals and accommodations.

Hostal Doña Magdalena is an excellent economy choice for those passing through or planning to stay in Acul for a brief visit. When hiking groups pass through (only occasionally), space becomes limited fast. Local hiking guides can be arranged by request. To make reservations, call or arrive.

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