Nebaj, Quiché

Popi’s is a locally owned and operated Hostel, Restaurant and Bakery. It’s located two blocks from Nebaj’s central park, and offers private rooms and dormitory beds as well as a generous amount of indoor and outdoor lounging space.

Free Wifi
Laundry service
Outdoor areas
Reliable hot water
Travel assistance

The atmosphere is casual and easygoing, and accommodations are generally quiet at night excepting occasional band practices at a neighboring church. Meals are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Popi’s offers information about local hiking and trekking routes. Paths that crisscross through the nearby mountains offer beautiful views of the surrounding landscape as well as the towns nestled in valleys throughout the region. Trails provide walking routes to a handful of neighboring villages via two to four hour hikes. Guides or additional information are available by request.

Lounging areas include an indoor den with a fireplace. Basic toiletries are provided with private accommodations, and laundry service is available by request.

Nebaj is a small city well known for its textiles and textile markets. Many restaurants, shops and a few bars are also available throughout the city. The central park’s ATM is just a two minute’s walk from Popi’s front doors.

To make a reservation, call or arrive.

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