Santiago, Sololá

La KzonA is a lakeside vacation home just a short way from Santiago Atitlán. It is fully furnished with a spacious kitchen, a comfortable central lounge and meeting room, a private suite and several smaller sleeping quarters. The property is fairly isolated and includes large outdoor areas, lake access and plenty of garden seating.

Outdoor areas
Open kitchen
Reliable hot water
Travel assistance
Laundry service

Groups of two or more may rent dorm space (bunk and single beds) or the La KzonA private suite. The home is also a great option for events, retreats, family vacations or other larger functions. A flat rate of US $200 per weeknight is available to rent the entire home. Weekend and holiday rates vary. Total capacity is generally 14 persons. Inquire for more information.


La KzonA is about fifteen minutes from Santiago Atitlán. Public (collective) transit or private transit can be used to make the short trip. For more information on how to get to La KzonA from Santiago Atitlán, call or email.

In addition to direct lake access, La KzonA offers plenty of area hiking to lakeside beaches and mountainous destinations such as Cerro de Oro or local cave systems. Local guides and further information are available by request.

Reservations are required. Call or email La KzonA to inquire about availability.

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