Guatemala Travel Guides

These travel guides are brief, up to date and to the point. Each destination specific Guatemala travel guide is written by travelers and actively maintained. Every guide presents a concise ten minute overview of why to go and what to expect, as well as collections of relevant hostel listings, blog posts, travel tips and area photos.

Lanquín travel guide, Guatemala

Lanquín is best known for the gorgeous Semuc Champey Natural Monument, and its amazing landscapes chocked full of rolling green mountains. There are also some very stunning cave systems, plenty of great swimming in two beautiful rivers, tubing, hiking, zip line tours and more. The climate is very warm during the day with cool, comfortable mornings and evenings.

Xela Travel Guide, Guatemala

Xela is a big city with a small-town feel. It's renowned for competitive Spanish Schools and well known for its nearby volcano hikes: Santa Maria, Santiaguito, and Tajamulco, the highest point in Central America. There's a considerable nightlife and a wide variety of restaurants, a large, active population of university students and a significant community of expats. The climate is brisk to chilly.

Livingston Travel Guide, Guatemala

Livingston is the most culturally unique destination in all of Guatemala. It is well known for its Caribbean food, music and art. The Livingston area offers natural hot-springs, caving, fishing, kayaking and some beautiful jungle hikes. Livingston is a port of entry to Guatemala, and is a common stop for travelers on their way to and from Honduras and Belize. The climate is hot and humid.

Río Dulce Travel Guide, Guatemala

The Río Dulce is a deep, long and beautiful river that winds from the inland Lake Izabal into the Amatique Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The river is lined with dense jungle and dotted with small traditional villages and comfortable, unique eco-lodges and hostels. Río Dulce boasts diverse plant and animal life, some truly stunning riverscapes, and a laid-back, tropical lifestyle. The climate is hot and humid.