Río Dulce Travel Guide, Guatemala

Guatemala Travel Guide: Río Dulce

This Río Dulce travel guide consists of a brief overview of the area as well as curated short-lists of hostels, blog posts, travel tips and photos. Further information about Río Dulce is available elsewhere on the site (most site sections are searchable by destination), but this simple travel guide is definitely the best starting point.

Getting to Río Dulce

Río Dulce is in the department of Izabal on the east coast of Guatemala. As is the case with most destinations in the country, shuttle services can be booked from most hostels or hotels at a considerably higher rate (and often with less hassle) than public transit. Río Dulce, however, is a pretty centrally located destination and as such is easily accessible from both the north and south via regularly scheduled bus services.

Fuente del Norte, telephone number (502) 4079-8345, serves passengers to and from points north of Río Dulce. Litegua, telephone (502) 7930-5251, serves passengers from points south of Río Dulce. Buses are large, comfortable and have assigned seats. Prices are reasonable, starting at Q65 between Río Dulce and Flores, or Q85 between Guatemala City and Río Dulce.

Río Dulce photos

Castillo San Felípe from the water

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Lancha cruises in the Río Dulce

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Pigs near Finca Paraíso in Río Dulce.

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Limestone cliffs in the gorge of Río Dulce.

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Birds perched on posts in the Río Dulce.

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A swimming platform at Tortugal in Río Dulce.

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