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Guatemalan tortilla de harina (flour tortilla)

Tortilla de harina, widely available in Río Dulce and Livingston and occasionally available elsewhere in Guatemala, is a fluffy flour tortilla wrapped around beans and other fillings.

Instant Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala is a well known coffee exporter, and yet there are many local eateries and restaurants throughout the country that don’t serve “real” coffee (coffee made with ground coffee beans in a dri

Guatemala, always drink filtered water

No tap water in Guatemala should be considered potable. Municipal water supplies vary wildly in quality from city to city and town to town.

Cashew apple, Guatemala

Cashew apples are considered a delicacy in Guatemala. Cashew trees are fairly popular in the tropical parts of the country, which makes the apples somewhat easy to find.

Guatemala ice cream bean

Ice cream beans in Guatemala can be bought for around Q1 ($0.13) per pod. It's possible to find a better price if you're purchasing many pods, but it can be difficult to find them in quantity.


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