Travel tip #1: Chicken bus prices

Chicken bus prices, Guatemala

Chicken bus prices in Guatemala are, very loosely, around Q10 ($1.35) per hour. It's always best to ask other passengers when possible: Sabe usted cuanto cuesta para [name of destination]? It's very possible that other passengers won't know the price to your destination, as they may be getting off somewhere else.

Chicken buses (camioneta in Spanish) are the cheapest form of public transit in Guatemala. Drivers and ayudantes (driver's assistants) will generally treat you fairly, but some may try to charge you far more than the normal rate. That's why it's good to have some idea of what chicken bus prices are.

Also, you can observe other passengers paying to discern the price of your chicken bus. At the very least, you should ask the driver or ayudante (normally the man who ushers you onto the bus) what the price is before you leave or board the bus. This way you can ensure you don't get hit with an obviously ludicrous price after you've been on the road for several minutes.

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