Travel tip #13: Guatemalan coffee is often instant

Instant Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala is a well known coffee exporter, and yet there are many local eateries and restaurants throughout the country that don’t serve “real” coffee (coffee made with ground coffee beans in a drip or espresso machine). There isn’t much of a demand for quality Guatemalan coffee outside of metropolitan areas such as Guatemala City, Xela and the like — and of course the export market.

Many eateries (comedores) serve instant coffee only. Sometimes instant coffee in Guatemala will be served pre-made, often with a huge amount of sugar added. In some cases restaurant patrons are simply given a single-serving packet of instant coffee (cafe instantaneo) and a sugar bowl.

Plenty of foreign travelers aren’t interested in having instant coffee with their breakfast. In some regions (generally the more suburban areas of Guatemala) it’s unavoidable. If you’d like real coffee with your meal, it’s best to ask before ordering. EL cafe aquí es instantaneo? Or Hace su cafe aquí con machina?

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