Travel tip #6: Eat nance fruit

Kid cleaning nance fruit

Nance (pronounced nan-see) is a small, yellow fruit in Guatemala that's sold for Q2 - Q5 ($0.26 - $0.65) for a hand-sized bag. The nance fruit has a very peculiar taste that's difficult to compare to other fruits. It's often eaten alone, prepared in desserts or served with shaved ice or sweet milk drinks. The fruit has a large pit, somewhat like an olive, and is high in vitamin C.

Nance in Guatemala is not generally cultivated, but grows wild and is collected for sale. The fruits tend to fall off of their trees in great quantity during and after rain, which means they're more likely to be found at market during the rainy seasons.

Nance more likely to be found in tropical, rural areas where collecting indigenously available fruits is a part of family-scale economy. The photo was taken in Lanquín, Alta Verapaz.

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