Travel tip #9: Guatemala City Taxi

Guatemala city taxi, taxis at palace of culture

Need a taxi in Guatemala City? It can be tough to find fair taxi drivers in Guatemala, especially if you're foreign and don't have a great concept of normal prices. It's almost always best to use taxis recommended by your hostel or travel agency.

Most taxis don't use meters, and there are very few resources to check taxi costs for specific trips. Also, the price of gas varies a lot which means last month's prices and this month's prices might not be the same.

You can always talk to several drivers to try to get a better price -- especially where there are plenty gathered like at the airport or bus stations. If you don't have any recommendations, call (or have someone call) César García at (502) 4113-1961. He's a reliable driver but doesn't speak much English.

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Chicken bus prices in Guatemala are, very loosely, around Q10 ($1.35) per hour.

Settle prices with taxis, tuk-tuks, motorcycles and boats before getting in (or onboard).

The Livingston to Río Dulce water taxi runs at 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM and costs Q125 ($16.65).

People in Guatemala carry machetes.

Don't throw toilet paper, or anything else, into Guatemalan toilets.

Haggling over prices in Guatemala is normal.

No tap water in Guatemala should be considered potable. Municipal water supplies

Ice cream beans in Guatemala can be bought for around Q1 ($0.13) per pod.