Guatemala Travel Tips

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Fatwood (ocote in Spanish)

If you need to start a fire, you'll want some ocote. Ocote is a special type of wood harvested as high energy fuel for starting fires.

Instant Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala is a well known coffee exporter, and yet there are many local eateries and restaurants throughout the country that don’t serve “real” coffee (coffee made with ground coffee beans in a dri

Tuk-tuk, best to settle prices before getting in

Settle prices with taxis, tuk-tuks, motorcycles and boats before getting in (or onboard). Even when somewhat familiar with what a price should be, possible disputes can be avoided by settling the price beforehand.

Lily pads mean cleaner water

Wondering whether it's a good idea or not to swim? There's all kinds of swimming in Guatemala, but some water is kind of polluted.

Guatemala, always drink filtered water

No tap water in Guatemala should be considered potable. Municipal water supplies vary wildly in quality from city to city and town to town.


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