Guatemala Travel Tips

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Guatemala city taxi, taxis at palace of culture

Need a taxi in Guatemala City? It can be tough to find fair taxi drivers in Guatemala, especially if you're foreign and don't have a great concept of normal prices.

Wooden skeletons, haggling over prices

Haggling over prices in Guatemala is normal. Most merchants in open street markets, kiosks and even in shops expect some haggling or bargaining.

Xela to Zunil chicken bus

The chicken bus from Xela to Zunil costs Q4.95 ($0.66) and takes about forty minutes. The bus stops in Almolongo for about ten minutes, where it exchanges passengers.

Kid cleaning nance fruit

Nance (pronounced nan-see) is a small, yellow fruit in Guatemala that's sold for Q2 - Q5 ($0.26 - $0.65) for a hand-sized bag.

Cashew apple, Guatemala

Cashew apples are considered a delicacy in Guatemala. Cashew trees are fairly popular in the tropical parts of the country, which makes the apples somewhat easy to find.


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