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Mac computers, computer accessories and internet

Computers, internet and printing with small stationary shop

Food, drink and private rooms on the lakes edge

Whether you wish to improve your spanish, taste the best local or international cuisine, visit the area or enjoy one of the many healing or wellness centers that make famous San Marcos La Laguna, Paco Real Hotel opens its doors for you and by doing so, those of the magic of Atitlan.

San Marcos Spanish School is affiliated with San Pedro Spanish School. For over 17 years, San Pedro Spanish School, has been a leader in teaching Spanish as foreign language in the lake area. We use the same qualified teachers who teach in San Pedro Spanish School. By learning Spanish at San Marcos Spanish School in Guatemala, you will enjoy advantages not found at other Spanish language schools. Studying Spanish in the heart of Mayan culture around Lake Atitlan, for example, allows you to literally "live" the language while learning about the ways of the living Maya.

A therapy center offering treatments and courses in therapies, healing and Mayan Astrology Readings.

The San Marcos Holistic Cottage is an excellent place to commit to spending some time while visiting San Marcos La Laguna. Offering full body massage, Indian Head massage, Creative Energy Work, Reiki, Kinesiology and Reflexology are all offered at the Holistic Cottage. Courses in these therapies are also available.

Spiritual Counseling, Channeling, Shamanic Energy Work, Ayahuasca Spirit, Ascended Masters, Divine Laws, Treatments, Seminars, Workshops and much more..

Las Pirámides is a center for spiritual study. The center has two meditation temples, pyramid shaped cabins to house the students, an esoteric library, medicinal plant garden, communal kitchen, sauna and special diet meals for retreats.

Center offering massage, reiki and more